Oracle Battery™ offers a large variety of sealed lead-acid battery options to suit your needs.  View our full line of batteries and their specifications by clicking this link.

Because of our dedication to our customers and the marketplace, Oracle Battery™ engineers batteries utilizing advanced technologies to ensure that your equipment  has dependable power.  The professionals at Oracle Battery™ come with decades of battery experience to evaluate, diagnose, and recommend the correct battery to meet your power needs, which is as critical as selecting the highest quality battery which Oracle Battery™ also provides.

Our batteries are engineered in design specific battery groups with advantages that include:

  • Longer Life Cycle
  • Increased Number of Cycles
  • Safety Valve Regulated Design
  • High-Rate Power
  • Anti-Leak Technologies
  • Spill Free AGM and Gel Technology Constructions
  • Durable Consistent Active Material
  • Low to No Maintenance needed

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