Innovative advantages of Oracle Battery sealed lead-acid batteries stem from over 20 years of research and development featuring:

Superior Conductors
At Oracle, we know that quality products begin with quality material.  Our batteries are engineered using a higher grade of lead -- 99.99% pure, for better conduction. High quality lead mines in Australia provides most of the raw materials.

Sealed Tight
Oracle batteries’ gas-recombination system makes them free of internal maintenance requirements.  This is accomplished by the use of special pressure release valves in every cell making the batteries safer through internal pressure valve-regulation.  These valves seal the battery from external contaminants.

Leak Free
Ultra porosity construction of the absorptive glass separators holds and impregnates the electrolyte acid preventing leakage.  This enables the batteries to be classified as non-spillable by International IATA standards and US DOT regulations making them safe to ship aboard all modes of transportation.

Temperature Tolerant
Oracle batteries are engineered to weather the weather, toughing out a wide temperature range (-20°C/4°F to 50°C/122°f), making Oracle the reliable energy choice for extreme conditions. Heat accelerates and kills battery life while cold slows down the internal reactions hindering the available capacity production.  Therefore Oracle takes great care in all manufacturing processes to ensure best operation possible at all temperatures. 

Long Lasting
Oracle Batteries have a prolonged life when used for high rate discharge, standby power, multi-purpose varieties, and deep cycling applications. Purity of active material, improved grid grain structure, expert uniform welding, and design-efficient battery categories ensure the longest life possible in all these applications

Customer Centric
Oracle Batteries is a customer experience solution.  Our batteries are fully supported by our highly trained and experienced technical service team.  It is our desire that every interaction be an experience leaving you feeling well cared for and encouraged that you chose the right battery partner.

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